Final checks

When you look in the mirror, does the lady staring back at you smile and love herself, love her appearance, loves how she feels in what she is wearing?

Loving the connection that her body and clothes have, the story that they tell to others?Does the lady staring back at you smile and love herself, love her appearance, loves how she feels in what she is wearing?

ARE YOU Showing the world, the true you. The one that is confident, lives life how it should be lived and is full of positivity?

If not, then this is the ‘experience’ for you.

takes you on a journey of self-discovery

This is not about re-inventing yourself but completely understanding who you truly are and allowing you to express that to yourself and the world.

As women, our lives transition in so many ways as do our bodies, so it is hardly surprising that we get lost in fashion, lose our identity and confidence. This programme is all about embracing you, the real you and getting you to discover yourself again.
Once you understand what you need to look for in clothing to feel great in, it is amazingly simple. This is not about fashion or being on-trend but about helping you to look and feel your best in everyday outfits so that you radiate that confidence to those around you.

During this programme I will be taking notes about you and asking you for photos to share with me. This all goes into a personalised book made just for you. It is about you and only you. It will be your ‘go to’ if you get lost or stuck but please always know that you can call me with questions. It is a wonderful reminder of the self-discovery journey that you have been on.




The foundation to creating a great outfit is to understand how colours play a huge role in flattering you and to making a versatile wardrobe. When you wear your best colours, you will have glowing skin, ‘fresh’ looking cheeks, sparkling eyes and your hair will shine its natural highlights. Learning and discovering your best colours is an eye opener.

All about the face


Colours aren’t just about your clothing but your makeup too. This is vital in getting the look right as your makeup needs to harmonise with your clothing and your look. Your application of makeup also needs to match your style and personality. Many ladies don’t wear makeup as they want a ‘natural’ look but to be truthful, makeup well done looks clean, healthy and gives a glowing appearance.

michelle bodymap


Now we are going to step into the unknown and uncover so much good about you that you didn’t even know existed as you think that you are so ‘ flawed’. It is true that over 91% of us are dissatisfied with our bodies and so to be fair, how can you judge yourself objectively?

wardrobe weed the beginning


Liberating and a deforestation are the ways that I have heard ladies call it before!! Imagine opening your wardrobe doors and hearing ‘Ta Dah’... as everything is in order, an array of gorgeous colours, only styles that flatter you are hanging there, items that work together creating many looks. This, is the end result of a Wardrobe Weed.

Screenshot 2019-11-27 at 19.15.22


Go out and explore. This is great as it is free to window shop. Take your time to stop, look and take on board your new information. Have a look at the places you wouldn’t normally go too. See if you can understand what shapes work and what don’t. Come back armed with questions.

“and said to my body .softly.' I want to be your friend.' it took a long breath.and replied I've been waiting my whole life for this"