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Coaching ladies over 45 who have lost their identity, lack confidence and have little or no self-esteem is what I am passionate about.  Why…because I have been there and it has made me the lady who I am today. 

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Having experienced sexual abuse from a young age and a violent relationship, I had to rebuild myself up from the ground. Whilst doing this, I was always in the public eye due to the jobs that I had and so my appearance became my best friend. It is amazing how much our minds and appearance are connected. It is so empowering when you love what you see in the mirror and remember, this is our beginning of every day.

Helping, supporting, encouraging others has always been part of me. Being involved in jobs where constantly I was looking after others and making sure they had what was needed so they felt great. From working in hotels to serving in the skies and all sorts in between, I have probably done it but finding my passion was easy as soon as I picked up the makeup brushes. I have no idea why; it was something that filled me with joy. Those 10 minutes spent on my face getting ready in the morning was my favourite time. It was MY time. It was self-care, self-love, self-nurturing and it is also so important that we have that time to ourselves now, today.

Having been a beautician and Beauty Consultant I wanted to learn more. More about our appearance and how some ladies just ‘had it’ and others didn’t…I didn’t but that didn’t stop me from wanting to find out and discover more. I embarked on an Image Coaching course and learnt so much about me and why I dress the way I do. Discovering what I got right and what I got wrong was an eye-opener. Some of us are definitely born with style and some have to learn. Learn I did and now I have achieved my Masters in Image, one of only twenty in the world. It feels like I am part of TopGun, I am in the elite club and with the best of the best!

Alongside my Image Coaching, I have a Health and Wellbeing business too, so I really can look after my clients from the inside to out and outside to in, which is fantastic. You are a whole person, and so I can help you in that way and not just bits and pieces!

I have hosted the documentary Embrace in a few places now and this holds very dear to my heart. Being an Ambassador for the Body Image Movement, this documentary is an incredible watch as it is telling you to be you and to love yourself just the way you are. My favourite quote from here is that

“Your body is not an ornament but the vehicle to your dreams”

Tara Brumfit, Founder of the BIM.

and how bloody true that is.

Living in Henley is lovely. The walks along the river, the local pubs and just the feel of the town has a great vibe. I live here with my girls, Emily and Holly, Mike my sexy man and our boy Buddy the Springer. I am just a big kid at heart and live life to the full.

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This is a safe space to be with like minded ladies who want to Reclaim their identity, steal back their confidence and boost their self-worth – Because we ALL MATTER

In the group we will talk, laugh, cry…share our fashion fauxpas & our loves and hates. We will discuss, discover, ask and learn. I will also give hints, top tips and advice in there too that won’t be available anywhere else.

So, come on in and join us. xx